16 October 2017
We Need More Women in IT Leadership Roles |
Analyses from data company 500 Miles showed that representation of women in tech has improved from 30.5% in 2011 to 33.5% in 2016 among startups and private tech companies.

24 August 2017
30 Essential Pinoy Teen Pop Songs Of All Time—Ranked! |
Seventeen music writers weigh in on the most essential pop anthems of our youth.


19 January 2016
Closure: It's More About Managing Your Expectations |
Closure is about not being sorry. Not being sorry about meeting that person, about making memories with that person, and about closing that chapter in your life shared with that person.

14 May 2016
Bucketlist Ideas to Fuel your Life |
If you're a twenty-something who tries to live life one paycheck at a time, you've probably been in a situation where your cash flow isn't as attractive as you want it to be.

19 March 2016
Getting Out of This Broke Generation |
If you've lived long enough in this world, you've probably created your own bucket list. For some, it could be a mental list of grandiose things they want to accomplish in life.

19 January 2016
LENSpeak: Half-Empty Hong Kong |
For a small city of over seven million, you'd think it's impossible to take snapshots in Hong Kong without people blocking your view.

19 January 2016
LENSpeak: A Hundred Hues in the Heart of Bangkok |
While the dazzling colors and brilliant architecture may overwhelm the eyes, it also can't be denied that religion and tradition radiates through each carefully thought-­out tile in this palace complex.


24 September 2014
The Day I Stopped Writing |
I’m a writer who once stopped writing; a proof of how people can use resets to get back on track.

23 June 2014
#Seen: Obey Radio Manila |
Obey Radio Manila brought Belgium’s Lefto and LA-based Free the Robots to play here last June 6.

14 January 2014
Awesome Twosome: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila |
These heartthrobs truly knew how to make up for the all the years of their absence in these shores.

06 January 2014
Review: Chocolate Grass - Testify |
It’s a telling example that dope groove and good vibes will never fail to appeal to the auditory senses.


17 December 2013
Sealing the Twin Pop Deal: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila |
For fans of identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin, the entire night was spent singing along to an extensive repertoire and going through a lot of mixed feelings.

11 December 2013
All The Right Pop-Rock Moves: OneRepublic Native Tour Manila |
A capacity crowd composed of mostly young people welcomed the band with their loudest cheers and applause.

19 August 2013
Tech, biz, and more at Systems Integration Philippines 2013 |
Crowds trooped to the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last August 15 to 17, 2013 to check out a trade show focused on business convergence and integration.

27 February 2013
Album Review: The Nocturne Project - Awakening (2013) |
It is one of those few local outfits that perfectly blend ambient, electronics, acoustic instruments, and field recordings to deliver a fresh and unique sound.


12 November 2012
Four Stylish Headphones for a High-rolling Audiophile |
It’s never a sin to want to look good and have a lot of cool factor sprinkled over one’s head — especially if that someone has the money to burn.

01 September 2012
A 'Smashing' Experience All Worth the Wait: Smashing Pumpkins Live in Manila |
Being there felt like hitting three birds with one stone – attending a presser, going at an insanely unexpected fan meet, and participating in a music appreciation class all at once.

09 January 2012
Five Cheaper Alternatives to the iPad mini |
While remaining such an amazing product, the iPad mini is, in my opinion, grossly overpriced for its specs.


18 July 2011
Pursuing a Passion |
Indie film darling Sue Prado has an evocative, classic Filipina look on lockdown.

01 July 2011
Canon Lawyer |
He stared at the edifice with such gusto-as if he already had a clearly defined visual approach composed in his head-before aiming one of the enormous cameras he lugged around.

28 June 2011
The Battle of the Bulge |
Some figures indicate that roughly one out of five Filipinos are overweight and one out of five overweight Filipinos are obese.