24 September 2014
The Day I Stopped Writing |
I’m a writer who once stopped writing; a proof of how people can use resets to get back on track.

23 June 2014
#Seen: Obey Radio Manila |
Obey Radio Manila brought Belgium’s Lefto and LA-based Free the Robots to play here last June 6.

14 January 2014
Awesome Twosome: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila |
These heartthrobs truly knew how to make up for the all the years of their absence in these shores.

06 January 2014
Review: Chocolate Grass - Testify |
It’s a telling example that dope groove and good vibes will never fail to appeal to the auditory senses.


17 December 2013
Sealing the Twin Pop Deal: Tegan and Sara Live in Manila |
For fans of identical twins Tegan and Sara Quin, the entire night was spent singing along to an extensive repertoire and going through a lot of mixed feelings.

11 December 2013
All The Right Pop-Rock Moves: OneRepublic Native Tour Manila |
A capacity crowd composed of mostly young people welcomed the band with their loudest cheers and applause.

19 August 2013
Tech, biz, and more at Systems Integration Philippines 2013 |
Crowds trooped to the SMX Convention Center in Pasay City last August 15 to 17, 2013 to check out a trade show focused on business convergence and integration.

27 February 2013
Album Review: The Nocturne Project - Awakening (2013) |
It is one of those few local outfits that perfectly blend ambient, electronics, acoustic instruments, and field recordings to deliver a fresh and unique sound.


12 November 2012
Four Stylish Headphones for a High-rolling Audiophile |
It’s never a sin to want to look good and have a lot of cool factor sprinkled over one’s head — especially if that someone has the money to burn.

01 September 2012
A 'Smashing' Experience All Worth the Wait: Smashing Pumpkins Live in Manila |
Being there felt like hitting three birds with one stone – attending a presser, going at an insanely unexpected fan meet, and participating in a music appreciation class all at once.

09 January 2012
Five Cheaper Alternatives to the iPad mini |
While remaining such an amazing product, the iPad mini is, in my opinion, grossly overpriced for its specs.


18 July 2011
Pursuing a Passion |
Indie film darling Sue Prado has an evocative, classic Filipina look on lockdown.

01 July 2011
Canon Lawyer |
He stared at the edifice with such gusto-as if he already had a clearly defined visual approach composed in his head-before aiming one of the enormous cameras he lugged around.

28 June 2011
The Battle of the Bulge |
Some figures indicate that roughly one out of five Filipinos are overweight and one out of five overweight Filipinos are obese.