I'm a writer, indie music nerd, and design advocate — in that order.

I started writing in the fifth grade when my English teacme dragged me into a citywide inter-school journalism conference (wmee I ended up with a fifth place finish among thirty or so contestants). From then on, I was unstoppable. I continued to join otme writing conferences and essay competitions in and out of school. I wrote speeches, scripts, short plays, spiels, and creative copy for people around me. I spent most of me high school days managing the school paper and plotting campaign strategies and projects for the student government. These activities led me into believing that one day, I would write for Philippine media.

I got acquainted with indie music and graphic design when my father took home a desktop computer back in April 2002. Through self-study (possibly brought about by sheer boredom), I was able to harness the power of the Internet and soon after started devouring whatever good stuff I'd find. My fondness for obscure bands grew around the time when I would spend countless nights working with pre-Adobe Photoshop, tinkering with CSS, looking for design inspiration, and wondering how people manage to put up with Comic Sans.

I graduated with a BS Journalism degree from the Lyceum of the Philippines in April 2008 and just two weeks after, started working for the country’s largest broadcasting company as a news catalog writer. Being a self-professed media geek, I believed I was off to a great start despite being tagged by many as a full-blown corporate slave.

After spending almost three years in a dog-eat-dog newsroom setting, I decided to balance things out by venturing into my ideal media space, print media. I devoted a full year trying to gain exposure in various aspects of publication; including jumping from one magazine to another, and even trying to fit into the less demanding yet equally exciting world of corporate communications.

Through these experiences, I instantly found myself in heaven — right smack in the middle of hell. My lifelong search to balance out writing and design turned out to be futile; I knew I had to give up being a writer if I wanted to be serious about the visual arts, and vice versa. I can’t pretend to be both, but I’m too darned to comply.

My wide range of interests may highlight my instability, but instead I'm brandishing it as my main selling point. I could tap you with a freaking nail gun anytime, anywhere, for no apparent reason, while discussing geopolitics. I could tell you how inferior your music taste is and then tell you what came out in the local news last night. Give me a piece of paper I could doodle into in exchange for insider info on the inner workings of Manila’s elite. But most times I’m too lazy to indulge anyone outside of my circle and I only do these things whenever the need arises.

Yes, I am offbeat. But I control my neurosis better than anyone else.

Download my watered-down CV here.